Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sunday's Thought

I believe that you rarely get what you want out of life, you rarely end up where you imagine that you should. I believe that your journey through life  - often difficult and heartbreaking is never what you imagine. The path you take is often far from how you imagine your life should progress. It is at times surprising, possibly shocking  sometimes distressing. You often grab the joy when you can - store the happy memories for darker times and as your story unfolds you have a notion that you never really had any control ... that is disconcerting because we are taught from an early age about things such as free will and choice..So surely we should have not just the appearance of control in our lives but some sort of control in how our lives turn out?

Some people cannot be happy - they can't let themselves be because they cannot - or did not get the things that they want in life.

I believe that it is no bad thing to recognise that life did not turn out as you wanted it to, but you should look at what you have...At what your life ammounts to -  recognise the good things that you have in your life and give them the value that they deserve. Having little appreciation for what you already have in life and hankering after what you do not have will leave you very unhappy. It will also make the people who are significant in your real life - not your imagined life...extremely unhappy.


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