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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Do You Have A Soul Mate.

Do you have a soulmate? Is it the person you last see at night before you close your eyes to sleep - the person you see first thing that you wake up? Someone you have an affinity with, a connection so deep, and an understanding that is - simply simple and straightforward that sometimes words are unnecessary. You feel as though they know what you are thinking - sometimes before you are thinking it? When you met this person you felt as though you had known them forever - though you know nothing about them; and you cannot IMAGINE them not ever being in your life again. Do you have a person like that in your life?
Plato's story of soulmates in 'The Symposium.' tells us that humans once had four arms and four legs and a single head made up with two faces. They could walk upright, both backwards and forwards and they could also go down on four arms and four feet tumbling along at a terrific pace when they wanted to run. "Terrible was their might and strength, and the thoughts of their heart were great" They attacked the Gods.

Rather than destroy them Zeus decided to separate them make each one two, doubling the population and making them weaker and humbling them. So that is why through life it is said that people are searching for their better half, their soul mate to make them whole once more. That is why people believe that out there somewhere there is someone who is right for them. Though I think when Zeus separated them he also scattered them. Some people never find their soul mates and maybe some don't even recognise each other.

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