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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

"Love Is Like A Kind Of Warfare."

Ovid said “Love is a kind of warfare” and maybe he was right. I do believe that love brings with it a kind of friction - it can be full of cares and fears. If your world is already knee deep with cares and fears you may not feel that you can ‘deal’ with the sort of friction that love will bring or the kind of pain that it leaves in its wake.

I see friction in some of the couples I know, with some of them it is that positive friction that comes with the passion they have for one another; with others it is a negative friction of trying to make themselves (and each other) believe that they still have that sort of love when they do not. Where love is concerned our hearts can be quite feeble and fickle. Something we tend to forget is that love rarely lasts forever.

Some people choose the comfort and contentment of their own solitude rather than the emotional turmoil of having  to deal with the sort of friction that love brings. Most however will always want love to be in their lives and will actively look for it - and they will find it. Ovid also said “All love is vanquished by a succeeding love”. That, I definitely believe.

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