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Friday, 2 March 2012

Give Someone a Hug Today

For a long time I was dealing with a difficult and stressful situation. In itself I would say it was depressing although I would not have considered myself as being depressed. I was just trying to cope the best way I could  given the circumstances of my life and there may have been times that I was a difficult person to deal with. Actually, I can hold my hand up and say I was probably a bit of a nightmare at times.

There are times when all you can deal with is what is in front of you. I know that I developed a sort of tunnel vision really only able to deal with the situation that was my life. People couldn't get my attention about anything else and if they happened to for a short while they just couldn't hold it. I was just too deeply entrenched in all the hurt and the difficulties that made up my life. Sometimes I used to think "All I need is a hug to dissolve into to get me through today."

Times have changed my life has changed the stress has eased up, many of the difficulties are not exactly resolved but now I have time to pay attention to other things in the world besides the problems that make up my daily life. Thinking about my life I consider that I lived my life like a clock that was wound up too tight, the coils stuck together the clock stopped  and it was stuck in a moment that went on and on and on.

Now I have time to pay attention to the world outside my window but have a certain ambivalence towards it and I find myself wondering "Now when my life has changed so dramatically, am I depressed"?
If you know someone who is stuck in a moment...Go on Give them a hug. 

Minding your head

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