Tuesday, 12 July 2011

"Love Is Like A Kind Of Warfare."

Ovid said “Love is a kind of warfare” and maybe he was right. I do believe that love brings with it a kind of friction - it can be full of cares and fears. If your world is already knee deep with cares and fears you may not feel that you can ‘deal’ with the sort of friction that love will bring or the kind of pain that it leaves in its wake.

I see friction in some of the couples I know, with some of them it is that positive friction that comes with the passion they have for one another; with others it is a negative friction of trying to make themselves (and each other) believe that they still have that sort of love when they do not. Where love is concerned our hearts can be quite feeble and fickle. Something we tend to forget is that love rarely lasts forever.

Some people choose the comfort and contentment of their own solitude rather than the emotional turmoil of having  to deal with the sort of friction that love brings. Most however will always want love to be in their lives and will actively look for it - and they will find it. Ovid also said “All love is vanquished by a succeeding love”. That, I definitely believe.

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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Rational And Irrational Thought - No Such Thing.

I read a report in The Inquisitr about Victoria Beckham going into hospital for a C Section. C. Sections are apparently fashionable among the rich and famous, they have a tummy tuck and some people claim there is no pain. Having had a C section I would take issue about this claim - it is a major operation!

Reading the responses to the article I believe that Victoria Beckham has chosen to have a C. Section which made me think how illogical people are. Choosing to have a major operation without any medical reason seems to me to be totally irrational. Which goes to show that there is no such thing as rational or irrational thought. There is just 'thought'. The craziest of thoughts can be argued as rational and reasonable - if that is what you truely want to believe.

A little Trivia About The Declaration Of Independence

Some quite interesting trivia about the Declaration of Independence. Outside of America it was first published in the Belfast Newsletter on the 23rd of August, 1776. A copy of the document was being transported to London when bad weather forced the ship to port at Derry. The document was then carried on horseback to Belfast for the continuation of its voyage to England, where a copy was made for the Belfast newspaper.

Eight of the fiftysix signatories on the document were of Ulster-Scots Presbyterian stock. They were John Hancock, President of the Continental Congress who had family ties in Co.Down; William Whipple, whose parents arrived in Maine from the North of Ireland in 1730; Robert Paine, his grandfather came from Dungannon; Thomas McKean (his father came from Ballymoney); Thomas Nelson, his grandfather came from Strabane; Matthew Thornton from Londonderry, he settled in New Hampshire in 1718; and George Taylor, son of an Ulster Presbyterian minister and Edward Rutledge, also a son of an Ulster Presbyterean family.

Well maybe it is not terribly interesting trivia ... unless you come from Ulster.

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